Around the States: Colorado, Pennsylvania, New York

  1. Colorado: SCI Joined other Members of the Colorado Wildlife Conservation Project in a letter to the General Assembly in support of CPW’s proposal for the continuation of the State Trust Land Hunting and Fishing Access Program. Read the letter here.
  2. Pennsylvania: On June 12 SCI President Sven Lindquist submitted a letter of support for expanding Sunday hunting in the Keystone State.  The proposed legislation, SB 67, is sponsored by former SCI State Legislator of the Year Sen. Dan Laughlin and would give the Pennsylvania Game Commission (PGC) the discretion to “institute Sunday hunting by regulation…”. SCI believes that the trained wildlife professionals at the PGC are in the best position to determine hunting regulations. Currently, Pennsylvania hunters are regulated to only 3 Sundays on which to hunt and this important bill would greatly expand access and opportunities for sportsmen and women who hunt in the state.
  3. New York: Senate Bill 4099, which attempts to prohibit competitions or contests in which certain animals are harvested, unfortunately passed the New York Senate on June 7 and has been assigned to the Committee on Codes in the Assembly. The legislation is primarily targeting events, which are legal and regulated hunting opportunities, geared toward coyotes and have been the target of anti-hunting groups across the country in recent years. SCI opposes these emotionally based efforts that attempt to restrict legitimate hunting opportunities. There is identical Assembly version as well in Assembly Bill 2917. The New York Senate has recessed until January 2024 while the New York Assembly is expected to return within the next few weeks to consider various bills. Voice your opposition to these bills using the HAAC here!