Around the States: Colorado, Kentucky, Wyoming

Colorado: HB24-1349 would impose an additional eleven percent tax on the sale of firearms and ammunition in Colorado to fund violence prevention programs.  If this sounds familiar, it is because it is copycat legislation from the ant-firearms and anti-hunting community.  Read the full opposition coalition letter here.

Kentucky: The misguided Senate Bill 3 that would have had dire consequences for sportsmen and women in Kentucky is officially dead. The bill, which would have administratively attached the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources to the Department of Agriculture and allowed the Commissioner of Agriculture to make appointments to the Fish and Wildlife Resources Board, did not advance in the House prior to the end of the regular session. SCI would like to thank the tireless efforts of the Kentuckiana Chapter in opposing this bill.

Wyoming: SCI sent a letter in support of the proposed turkey season changes and a letter requesting the Game and Fish Department to have a light-handed enforcement approach as they implement a system of free sage grouse hunting permits. 

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