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Argentina Trophy Shipments Delayed Due to New Government Requirements

Hunters waiting on trophy shipments from Argentina this season should expect some delays due to a new requirement for all hunting properties to register as “hunting preserves” with the Argentine National Department of Flora and Fauna (NDFF). The new regulation was suddenly announced as the big game hunting season was winding down for 2022, catching hunting outfitters by complete surprise.

“Under normal circumstances, it takes about five or six months to prepare to ship trophies overseas,” says Emilio Paris, a longtime Argentina outfitter who also serves SCI as Regional Rep in Argentina and Central Chile and as co-chair of the International Affairs & Development Committee. “We are applying as much pressure as possible individually as hunting operators and collectively through the Outfitters National Chamber to get export permits issued.”

Hunting properties were previously required to register only with the Provincial Wildlife Office (PWO) of the province where they are located. It is unclear how long the shipping delays will be once property owners file their registrations and the NDFF processes them before issuing the backlogged export permits. Hunters expecting trophies may wish to contact their outfitters or shipping agents for status updates.

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