Animal Rights Group Holds Funeral For Christmas Turkeys

In a move that gives PETA a run for its’ money, the animal rights group Direct Action Everywhere (DXe) has held a funeral for Christmas turkeys sold at a supermarket in Brighton, according to an article on

Members of the group wore all black as they held a moment of silence to protest the violence of a traditional Christmas meal.


Carrying signs (a new trend in funerals?) that claimed 10 million turkeys were killed at Christmas time and bearing images of a turkey slaughterhouse, the animal rights group held the funeral in the meat section of a grocery store in East Sussex.

A DXE spokesman said: “We use the method of disruption to draw immediate attention to the beings who were killed for their bodies to be on a shelf.

“We are targeting the system of speciesism and aiming for systematic change rather than targeting individuals,” according to the article.

In a page right out of People for the Ethical Treatment’s handbook on crazy media stunts, DXe staged a gruesome depiction of animal rights campaigners locked in cages and “experimented” on in a protest against animal testing.

Two protesters, dressed in skin-colored clothing, looked out at passers-by before being hauled out by one of their associates dressed in a lab coat.

In a jab at fast food restaurant McDonald’s, the DXe website claims the famous burger giant is “known for its cruelty burgers, fattening fries and cows’ mammary gland milkshakes”.






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