Animal Rights Group Encourages Law Breaking, UK Government Pushes Back

No sector of life which engages in interaction with animals is safe from the far fringes of animal rights activists – including dairy farming.

calf in pastureFollowing the publication of a map of dairy farms in the UK by a vegan group called Project Calf, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) Secretary Michael Grove said dairy farmers deserve greater protection from animal rights activists who undermine their work.

The Project Calf publication encouraged animal rights activists to use public footpaths to get footage of cows and separation pens, reported Farmers Guardian.

“Our dairy farmers, alongside sheep and beef farmers, play a critical role in keeping pastures and other vital landscapes resilient and they strengthen rural economies and rural society,” Grove said.

“I am all in favor of people who are about the environment having an opportunity to express their views clearly, but I am absolutely opposed to people who are running proper businesses being stopped from running those businesses and being in fear as a result.”

The threat to UK dairy farms is just the latest in a series of violent protests against farmers, butcher shops and hunters.

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