Animal Rights Activists Cover Sussex McDonald’s In Fake Blood

Activists from Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) have struck again – this time at a Sussex McDonald’s.

The rowdy group entered the restaurant wearing animal masks and carrying posters claiming: “It’s not Food, It’s Violence”.

McDonalds arches

Many of the protesters used megaphones to shout their message to the staff and customers at the restaurant.

“Born to be murdered, their flesh sold for profit,” said one protester, according to an article in the Worthing Herald.

“These are babies who feel fear and pain and seek comfort, like we all do. A cruel, violent and greedy system must be challenged. Who are we if we allow innocents to die? If we value, money, taste and convenience over life itself?

“The power we have over our fellow animals is not an invitation to exploit. Might is not right.”

Because megaphones, animal masks and posters weren’t enough to disrupt the patrons of the restaurant, one member of the group covered the windows and floor of the restaurant in fake blood.


The store had to close from 7:30 p.m. until 5 a.m. to clean up the mess and damage.


There was no information available regarding any charges brought against the DxE activists.