Animal Crackers In The Soup – PETA At It Again

PETA, PETA, PETA (said while shaking one’s head in disbelief.) It seems as if the animal rights group, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, can’t get enough of telling the public what to ingest.

The list keeps growing and ranges the gamut from insisting on vegan candy at the White House Easter Egg Roll to telling pregnant women not to eat chicken because their baby boys will be born with small penises. Perhaps the most disgusting venture into culinary mandates is the request made by PETA founder and President Ingrid Newkirk in her will. She wants her body to be used in a morbid human BBQ.

Not satisfied with telling us what to eat, they have now entered the realm of making demands on how it is packaged.

Image removed.The latest victim of PETA’s insanity is the beloved box of animal crackers.

The original packaging showed lions, gorillas, panthers and other animals in circus cages. The name of the snack crackers, Barnum’s Animal Crackers, comes from the now-closed Barnum and Bailey Circus – thus the picture of circus cages.

According to reports, PETA has been in two years of discussions with Mondelez, the parent company of Nabisco, producer of the animal crackers. The end result of those meetings is a redesigned box with the animals roaming freely in the African veldt.

Keeping the same color scheme of red and yellow, Nabisco seeks to reassure consumers with the words, “New look, same great taste.”

PETA celebrates the “victory” on its website, “The new box for Barnum’s Animals perfectly reflects that our society no longer tolerates caging and chaining exotic animals for circus shows. PETA is celebrating this redesign just as we’ve celebrated the closure of Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus and an end to the use of the wild animals in many other circuses.

animal crackers“No living being exists simply to be a spectacle or to perform tricks for human entertainment, yet all circuses and traveling shows that use animals treat them as mere props, denying them everything that’s natural and important to them.”

The duplicity shown by PETA in haranguing for animal rights while, at the same time, running their notorious kill shelters is astounding.

Perhaps the most puzzling aspect of this latest PETA campaign is the fact that they attacked the packaging, but not the actual eating of the animal crackers. After all – the crackers are in the shapes of animals. There’s always next year.

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