Safari Club International is an organization with a global outreach. Dedicated to "protecting the freedom to hunt and promoting wildlife conservation worldwide," SCI accomplishes this mission through its international programs and locally with its Chapters.

The SCI Chapter network raises more than $5 million per year through local fundraising banquets and events. The money is spent on numerous Chapter-directed projects focused on the fight to save hunting, education or conservation.

An SCI Chapter is a lot of fun, too! The annual banquet and fundraiser each Chapter does is not only its primary source of revenue, but it is an opportunity to work together with other Chapter members and invite the entire community to an event where fun, food and great people meet. Hunts, guns, merchandise, trips and all sorts of outdoor-related products can be found at chapter fundraisers. These banquets are legendary in their communities.

The SCI Chapter network is truly the backbone of Safari Club International. It is where virtually all SCI leaders began. Each Chapter is a voting member of the SCI Board of Directors. As such, each chapter has a real opportunity to affect the path SCI takes.

Learn about starting a chapter: To receive documents or more information for starting an SCI Chapter, contact: Jason St. Michael [email protected]