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Tell Your Senators To Confirm Aurelia Skipwith As Director Of The United States Fish And Wildlife Service

The Senate will be voting on the confirmation of Aurelia Skipwith as Director of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service this week. Last Week, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell took steps to quickly move forward with her nomination and a vote on her confirmation is expected in the next few days. Now is the chance to make your voice heard by contacting your Senators through SCI’s Hunter Advocacy Action Center.

Please urge Senator’s from your state to vote YES on her nomination.

Aurelia Skipwith

Aurelia Skipwith

Ms. Skipwith has been serving as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Fish, Wildlife, and Parks where she is actively involved with ensuring the protection and stewardship of lands and waters within the National Park and Wildlife Refuge Systems. During her time in this role she has prioritized public access for hunting and fishing on National Wildlife Refuges and almost 30 of the nation’s top hunting and conservation organizations, alongside SCI, have voiced their support for her nomination. Skipwith has also shown a commitment to SCI’s mission in the past, delivering a speech at the SCI board meeting in May of 2017.

Safari Club International has been a strong supporter of her nomination from the start, with SCI CEO Laird Hamberlin thanking President Trump for her nomination and stating that “As Director, Ms. Skipwith will continue to be a champion for conservation and hunters. She is the game changer that the Fish and Wildlife Service sorely needs to direct it.” Hamberlin also penned an op-ed earlier this year in which he made the case that Aurelia Skipwith is The Future of American Conservation.

After being nominated for the position in July, Skipwith’s nomination was confirmed by the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee in September and if confirmed by the U.S. Senate, she would be the first African American woman to serve as the agency’s director. Ms. Skipwith received her B.S. in biology from Howard University, an M.A. in molecular genetics from Purdue University, and a J.D. from the University of Kentucky College of Law.

Time is running out to urge your Senators to confirm her nomination, so don’t delay. Make your voice heard today using Safari Club International’s Hunter Advocacy Action Center to show your support for Aurelia Skipwith as Director of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.


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