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Support SCI President Paul Babaz For NRA Board

SCI President Paul Babaz is once again running for the NRA Board. He was appointed to the NRA Board last year, but has to run again this year and he needs your votes. The NRA Board position was discussed with the SCI Board of Directors last week and it was agreed that SCI should use every means necessary to support Paul’s candidacy.

Since many of our members are also members of the NRA, you will be receiving your ballots soon. The need to align ourselves with like-minded groups such as the NRA only helps strengthen our fight against both the radical anti-hunting groups and those who would rob us of our Second Amendment rights. Hunting and firearms are tightly woven in the fabric of America and what affects one will surely affect the other. Paul now has an additional year of experience in how desperate the antis are in depriving us of our rights. The assaults on hunting and gun ownership have intensified and continue unabated.

babaz logo SCI President Babaz is the right person in the right place at the right time to help protect the freedoms all hunters and shooters cherish.  He is a lifelong hunter and shooter, understands the importance of linking all facets of the shooting sports to expand the overall base and to counter the efforts of those who would deny the right to keep and bear arms and the freedom to hunt.

“I believe in forming strong alliances with other like-minded organizations as there is strength in numbers,” SCI President Babaz said. “We have to stand together on the issues that are important to us in order to combat the anti-hunting movement as well as the anti-gun movement. 

“Regardless what you hunt or what type of firearm you use, we must stand together to protect the freedom to hunt whatever game we choose to hunt as well as protect the right to own the firearms of our choice,” Babaz explained, noting that it also is critical to let the rest of the world know what we are about, why we do what we do and why they should hold us in high esteem.

“We have to do a better job of communicating our message,” President Babaz continued. “We are great at talking amongst ourselves, but we need to reach out to those who may not have heard the facts, using all of the resources available to us, including the mainstream media whether we get a fair shake or not. We have a responsibility that reaches beyond ourselves and our time to continue to provide factual information about responsible firearms ownership and shooting, hunting and sustainable use conservation.”

Please support Paul’s bid for a spot on the NRA Board and make sure your voice is added to those who are fighting for our Second Amendment rights and to preserve our hunting heritage for future generations.

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