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In every state, Safari Club International monitors, tracks, and evaluates legislation impacting hunting, hunters, and wildlife conservation. SCI works with pro-sportsmen elected leaders through the collaboration of the individual state sportsmen’s caucuses. Building relationships between state leaders and sportsmen as well as staying current on the issues ensures that SCI is protecting your right to hunt.

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SCI’s State Advocacy Network

The SCI State Advocacy Network and local state Chapters play a critical role in the success of SCI’s advocacy efforts. Hunters become a valuable voice in each state by joining SCI’s State Advocacy Network.

On The Issues

Recent State Affairs Articles

Costly Anti-Hunting Legislation Passes California Senate

By Chip Hunnicutt | June 26, 2020

Today, the California Senate passed Senate Bill 1175 mostly along party lines, 29-8, despite outspoken domestic and international opposition. This legislation will now go before the Assembly for consideration after they return from recess on July 13th. If passed, this bill would prohibit the importation and possession of several common

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Missouri Department of Conservation Proposes New Black Bear Hunting Season

By Joe Goergen | June 21, 2020

The Missouri Department of Conservation recently proposed new hunting regulations as part of its updated black bear management plan. The announcement is welcome news for Safari Club International Foundation, having funded the state’s initial population estimate thanks to a generous grant from the Hunter Legacy Fund endowment. This Phase 1

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Viral Headlines Miss the Facts & Intent Behind Alaskan Hunting Rule Change

By Brett Stayton | June 17, 2020

The Trump administration recently made headlines by repealing part of a 2015 rule change that banned certain hunting practices on National Preserves in Alaska. The decision drummed up a considerable amount of internet outrage, with headlines blaring how President Trump opened the door for wolf pups and bear cubs to

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Senator Dan Laughlin Named 2019 SCI State Legislator of the Year

By Chip Hunnicutt | May 28, 2020

Safari Club International is proud to announce Senator Dan Laughlin of Pennsylvania has been named 2019 SCI State Legislator of the Year.  Senator Laughlin was elected to the Pennsylvania State Senate in November 2016, representing the 49th Senatorial District, which includes a portion of Erie County. Senator Laughlin serves as Chairman

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Costly Anti-Hunting Bill Clears California Senate Committee Despite Global Opposition

By 2ton | May 27, 2020

On May 27th, the California Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Water voted 5-1 to advance Senate Bill 11175, legislation that would ban the possession and importation of thirteen species of African game animals, the majority of which are stable or increasing populations in range countries where they are hunted.

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California State Senate Considering Bill That Would Hinder International Conservation Efforts

By 2ton | May 21, 2020

 The California State Senate is currently considering legislation that would damage wildlife conservation efforts and community   livelihoods in Africa. Senate Bill 1175, introduced by Senator Stern (D), aims to prohibit the importation and possession in California   of thirteen species, the majority of which are not endangered and are stable or

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