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In every state, Safari Club International monitors, tracks, and evaluates legislation impacting hunting, hunters, and wildlife conservation. SCI works with pro-sportsmen elected leaders through the collaboration of the individual state sportsmen’s caucuses. Building relationships between state leaders and sportsmen as well as staying current on the issues ensures that SCI is protecting your right to hunt.

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SCI’s State Advocacy Network

The SCI State Advocacy Network and local state Chapters play a critical role in the success of SCI’s advocacy efforts. Hunters become a valuable voice in each state by joining SCI’s State Advocacy Network.

On The Issues

Recent State Affairs Articles

Colorado to Open 200,000 Acres of Land for Hunting and Fishing

By Randy Gibbs | May 10, 2021

Safari Club International (SCI) is celebrating Colorado’s recent expansion of nearly 200,000 acres of land for public hunting and fishing. This major designation will open public lands across the state and is a victory for wildlife management, hunting and fishing, and community access. SCI commends this decision as we diligently

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Alabama Governor Signs Feral Hog and Coyote Hunting Bill Into Law

By Randy Gibbs | April 27, 2021

 This week, the Alabama governor signed Senate Bill 264, legislation to allow feral hog and coyote hunting at night, into law. Introduced by Senator Chesteen, this Bill answered the call for exceptions to existing law, prohibiting feral hog and coyote hunting when done at nighttime, with an appropriate license. The

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SCI Opposes Proposal to Close Over 40 Million Acres of Alaska Public Lands to Non-Resident and Non-Local Caribou Hunters

By Randy Gibbs | April 26, 2021

The Federal Subsistence Board (FSB) is currently considering a Special Action Request (WSA 21-01) that would close over 40 million acres of public lands in Northern Alaska to non-resident and non-local caribou hunters. Wildlife Special Actions are supposed to be used in “unusual circumstances,” when an unforeseen conservation need has

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Maine Legislature to Consider Sunday Hunting Legislation

By Randy Gibbs | April 20, 2021

This week, Maine legislature will consider three pieces of legislation all seeking to expand Sunday hunting in the state. House Bill 783, introduced by Jeffery P. Hanley and Senate Bill 325, introduced by State Senator Jeffery Timberlake will both allow hunting on Sundays on private lands with permission from the

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Connecticut State Senate Holds Hearing on Hijacking Wildlife Management Decisions

By Brett Stayton | March 4, 2021

Yesterday, the Connecticut State Senate Committee on the Environment convened for hearings on several bills, including legislation that would ban the import, sale, and transport of African elephants, lions, leopards, giraffes, black rhinos, and white rhinos, including hunting trophies. Disingenuous attempts like this to “save” African wildlife will actually inhibit

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California Bear Saga Sets Stage for Digital Advocacy Battles

By Brett Stayton | February 3, 2021

On January 26th, Senator Scott Wiener introduced a bill in the California state legislature that would have completely banned bear hunting statewide. Soon after, news of the bill began circulating on social media. The buzz about the issue spread like a digital wildfire throughout the hunting community. The ensuing days

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