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In every state, Safari Club International monitors, tracks, and evaluates legislation impacting hunting, hunters, and wildlife conservation. SCI works with pro-sportsmen elected leaders through the collaboration of the individual state sportsmen’s caucuses. Building relationships between state leaders and sportsmen as well as staying current on the issues ensures that SCI is protecting your right to hunt.

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SCI’s State Advocacy Network

The SCI State Advocacy Network and local state Chapters play a critical role in the success of SCI’s advocacy efforts. Hunters become a valuable voice in each state by joining SCI’s State Advocacy Network.

On The Issues

Recent State Affairs Articles

The Downfall of the California Iconic African Species Protection Act: A Case Study on Successful Advocacy

By Chip Hunnicutt | September 14, 2020

In late August, Senate Bill 1175 (known as the Iconic African Species Protection Act) died on the State Senate floor when time expired for a concurrence vote. This bill, which Safari Club International (SCI), African governments, and several other like-minded stakeholders around the world objectively opposed and fought for several

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By Brett Stayton | September 1, 2020

Late last night after passing on the Assembly floor, Senate Bill 1175 died before a concurrence vote could happen on the Senate floor.  An earlier release sent by SCI in the fog of last-minute legislative action was misinformed by a report that the Senate had passed the bill when in

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SCI Leverages Voice of African Consultative Forum to Speak Out Against Anti-Hunting Legislation

By Brett Stayton | August 21, 2020

An anti-hunting bill in California continues to make its way through the legislative process, as the Assembly Appropriations Committee passed Senate Bill 1175 yesterday. This legislation would ban the importation and possession of commonly hunted species from Africa, despite such a law being completely unenforceable and coming with a tremendous

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California State Assembly Votes Again to Harm African Communities & Wildlife

By Brett Stayton | August 4, 2020

Today, the elected officials of California State Assembly’s Water, Parks, and Wildlife Committee approved SB 1175, a bill that would ban the possession and importation of thirteen species of African game animals. In doing so, the committee willfully ignores the overwhelming scientific evidence that confirms that legal, regulated hunting is

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Anti-hunting groups making a legislative push to ban trophy imports in California

By Brett Stayton | July 31, 2020

On June 26th, the California Senate voted 29-8 to pass Senate Bill 1175, the Iconic African Species Protection Act, legislation that would ban the possession and importation of thirteen species of African game animals, the majority of which are stable or increasing populations in range countries where they are hunted. This legislation

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SCI Congratulates Appointment of Greg Sheehan as BLM Utah State Director

By Barbara Crown | July 23, 2020

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has appointed Greg Sheehan, former principal deputy director of US Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS), as the new director of the BLM’s Utah state office. Sheehan has several decades of experience in wildlife conservation management. Prior to serving with FWS he served at the Utah Division

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