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Southern Utah Chapter Has Pathfinder Hunt

Kayson-Reid_2013-Bull-1The Southern Utah Chapter of SCI completed a Pathfinder Hunt in late July with a young man named Kayson Reid. Kayson lost most of his eyesight and developed a severe seizure disorder around his first birthday. He is a determined, hard-working young man and it was an incredible experience for everyone involved.

Kayson’s vision issues make walking in the mountains pretty tough, but the people at Royal Point Ranch, just outside of St. George, Utah, were able to get him into a blind that allowed him to take a 60 yard shot. He shot his bull with a .30-06.

Southern Utah Chapter President Josh Harris said, “It was an awesome and humbling experience to watch as the emotions ran high with his whole family…and chapter members! The Pathfinder program is truly an amazing opportunity to provide opportunities for kids like Kayson that without it would not be able to experience.”

Kayson’s family agreed by adding, “This was an opportunity and hunt of a lifetime for Kayson!”

For more information on Kayson and other successful Southern Utah Chapter projects, visit their Facebook page here.

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