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SCI Lubbock Chapter Donates Motorbikes to Fight Poachers

Lubbock Chapter, has donated $5,000 to Rungwa Game Preserve Tanzania, for use in combating poachers. According to chapter President Tim Gafford, “Many of our members have hunted with Rungwa Safaris, so when they approached us for help with we jumped at the opportunity.” The donation went to pay for 5 new motorcycles for the Rungwa Game Preserve Anti-Poaching patrols to make it easier to patrol the preserve during the rainy season, when traveling in trucks and other vehicles becomes extremely difficult. The patrols cover 3200 square kilometers (1,988 square miles) and must carry all their food and equipment for extended patrols in the bush. “We really enjoy working directly with the folks on the ground that will be relying on the equipment we helped provide.” Gafford said. Lubbock Chapter of SCI is involved with a wide range of projects, from honor flights for WWII vetrans to the Texas Bighorn Society Project, and of course new international projects such as the motorcycle donation and the Zimbabwe Campfire Projects for education and anti-poaching efforts on the ground.”

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