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SCI London Chapter at Kynamco Ammunition

Kynoch ammunition, with its distinctive red and yellow packaging is synonymous with the golden era of safari.  Several generations of British big doubles were regulated for Kynoch ammunition, and packing Kynoch ammunition in your trunk was up there with packing a large brimmed hat with leopard skin trim.  Kynoch ammunition boxes and their marketing material conjure up thoughts of Stewart Granger, Hemmingway, and the days when a short safari was anything less than 3 months.  It may, however, come as a surprise to many that Kynoch is still manufactured in the United Kingdom.  Eley owns the trademark, but Kynamco manufactures the ammunition, and they are going strong, and although the pedigree and branding is Golden Era, the end product is leading edge stuff.

The old school principles of quality remain but with the utilisation of modern technology and exceptional components such as Woodleigh bullets ensure that Kynoch ammo is better than ever.    From their manufacturing location in a converted railway station, Kynamco loads each round with precision.  Kynamco also has a thriving business providing ammunition to Special Forces and Law Enforcement, where its reputation for consistency and quality in big game hunting cartridges has provided them with a loyal following amongst those who pursue two legged dangerous game.  Kynamco rounds are in kit bags in Afghanistan, Iraq, and with specialist contractors in the Indian Ocean, and beyond.

With such an impressive pedigree, it was a real privilege for SCI London Chapter members to be invited to an open day hosted at Kynamco’s facilities – for members to get to know the management team, learn more about the approach to quality, and most importantly run some of their rounds through their rifles.

The current owner of Kynamco, David Little, explained to members the history of the firm; the new and exciting markets that they are operating in; and then shared decades of experience of working in the trade of big bore ammunition.  Paul Roberts, of J. Roberts & Co., and ex-chairman of Rigby rifles then gave an informative talk on hunting the “Big 7” and his proposed rifle and ammunition selection.

Paul is a true superstar of the gun trade in any country who can effortlessly drop the names of the great and good of the hunting world, as well as the odd mention of dealings with the Royal Family.  Discretion prevents us from expanding on the latter point!

Paul discussed the ever-controversial topic of the perfect safari battery, which was the ideal prelude for a Chapter shooting competition on Kynamco’s 100 metre underground range.  Medals were up for grabs and were awarded for the top three tightest groups shot on the same target across three rifles. Rifles were provided by Kynamco, so no excuses for zero were acceptable. The course was two shots from a .500/.416 double, three rounds from a .375 bolt rifle, and five rounds from a .223.  All shots were at 100 metres, which meant some challenging shooting with the double.  With the exception of one member who suffered a rather severe clout in the face by the double, fun was had by all!   Standing around the blood splat, discussion around the merits of scoping a double was the obvious topic of conversation!

Competition Results:

1st Place (Gold)          Tim Cooper

2nd Place (Silver)        Daniel Mulholland

3rd Place (Bronze)      Adam Side

Members continued using the range with a varied mix of large calibres ranging from .308 through to a .600NE double, with lots of .375’s on show.    For those who wanted some light relief from shooting large calibres, an airgun field target range was set up outdoors, by Kynamco’s sister company, Milbro Sports Ltd., where one or two very accomplished shots came to grips with shooting very small targets in crosswinds, at short range, using Milbro’s new air rifle (the Metisse) designed by Mr. Ben Taylor, which proved a fun challenge.  As most members had learnt about shooting using airguns, there was universal amazement at how the engineering had progressed.

Between range time, talk was of recent and future adventures, with Chapter members exchanging notes on where to go next.  Officers and Members of the London Chapter extended their thanks to Kynamco, and were keen to have a return visit in 2013.

About the London Chapter

Formed in 2005, the London Chapter of SCI is an all-encompassing Chapter that is open (subject to acceptance) to members of SCI resident in the UK or with British interests.¬† For enquiries relating to Chapter membership and future Chapter activities, please contact the Chapter President, Daniel Mulholland, at [email protected]

About Kynamco

Kynamco is a manufacturer of Match Grade and Specialist sporting ammunition, military ammunition, and high-end competition airguns.¬† They have an extensive global distribution network.¬† For Sales and Marketing enquiries, please contact Terry Farrugia at [email protected]

About J. Roberts & Co.

J. Roberts & Co. are a traditional ‚Äúmake them out the back and sell them in the front‚Äù gunmaker, making absolute best quality English bolt-action and double rifles.¬† Paul Roberts, who is the ex-chairman of Rigby‚Äôs, ensures that his and his clients many years of experience in big game hunting, makes it into the finished product.¬† For further details, please contact Marc Newton at [email protected].


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