SCI Badgerland Donates Guns for Hunter Safety Classes

Badgerland Chapter Board voted unanimously to purchase and donate ten guns to the Department of Natural Resources Hunter Safety Education Program.

Chapter Director Dennis Smithback of Smitty's Guns, found six Marlin .22-cal. bolt actions and four Mossberg .22cal semi autos that the Chapter purchased at cost. DNR will use them with other guns, including other actions, to make four kits with shotguns and rifles. The four kits will all be placed in black plastic rolling guns cases like the ones in the photo. We selected .22-cal. rifles because the instructors have to pay for the ammo. Instructors can sign out the kits from the DNR Fitchburg office for use in Wisconsin classes.

In 2011, we donated several other long guns and plan to continue working with DNR. We encourage others to participate with us. You can also donate guns to the DNR or Badgerland for this program. Either way, you can get a tax deduction for your donation.

In addition to these rifles, the Chapter also donated $2,100 that was presented to seven different Hunter Safety Education groups to cover non-reimbursed expenses. The funds will be used to purchase two new projector screens for class instruction.

SCI Badgerland is proud to have given the Fall 2012 Wisconsin Hunter Safety classes a great boost. Many of the youngsters taking these classes will be the future hunters traveling the world on safaris. Thanks to all the volunteers.– Alan Heth, Chapter President


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