Keeping It Classy – Long Island Man Sics Kids On Hunter

A case of the “apple falling not far from the tree” was caught on video recently when a Brooklyn man was confronted by an angry anti-hunter and a group of children.

It all started when Dominick Lobifaro decided to go hunting at a new spot. As a responsible hunter, Lobifaro contacted the New York Department of Environmental Conservation to make sure it was legal to hunt in that area.

As he was exiting his truck, he was confronted by a man telling him there was no hunting allowed in the area and that he was calling the cops, according to a Fox News report.

man yelling

Lobifaro decided to film the incident, catching the adult male and group of children asking him why he wanted to kill the area’s deer and telling him to leave.

According to Lobifaro, prior to starting the video, the kids were just playing when the guy came out and told them that he (Lobifaro) was going to kill all the deer.

In the video, the unidentified man came up to Lobifaro’s car and said, “Hey, the kids want to know why you wanna kill deer?”

Lobifaro responds, “Because I eat them.” He then tries telling the children about factory farms, in an attempt to explain how hunting how can be more humane, but one of the upset children cuts him off.

At multiple points during the footage, the unidentified man in yellow shirt sarcastically calls Lobifaro a “hero” in Long Island for making a bunch of children cry. Lobifaro responds, telling the man that he needs to explain to the kids that hunting is a “part of life,” said the Fox News report.

Lobifaro called New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation in an attempt to end the situation, the New York Post reports. When an officer responded to the scene, it was reportedly determined that Lobifaro had all the requisite permits and was at the location “100 percent legally.”