Greg and Missy Elliott


Their paths never crossed until one day in the fall of 2009 they reconnected through their parents attending the small country church where generations of both families enjoyed faithful memberships.  At that time, Greg was living in South Louisiana and Missy was residing in North Louisiana.

Greg had become an avid hunter over the years, hunting Saskatchewan and Newfoundland, Canada, New Zealand, Argentina and three African safaris.  He had taken more than thirty African species and was in pursuit of the Big Five when he and Missy began dating. Greg has since completed taking the Big Five and has also developed a passion for whitetail deer management.

Hunting was something Missy was very familiar with.  She comes from a family of hunters and huntresses.  She remembers her mom and aunts hunting small game including squirrels, rabbits and ducks.  Missy has memories of sitting in a duck blind on a very cold, rainy morning with her mom, wondering at the time why, she as a teenager, was being “subjected” to this predominately male sport.

In 2009, Missy rediscovered her love of the outdoors while camping with her family on her grandmother’s property in southwest Arkansas.  On the property, her dormant hunting gene was awakened when she harvested a hog and deer.  She soon realized that she had a responsibility to her son, Kyle, and her many nieces and nephews, to continue the hunting traditions that she had been so privileged to experience in her youth.  Even though Missy’s hunting career truly began later in her life, she hopes to follow in the footsteps of her 91-year-old uncle who still enjoys deer and axis hunting on his Texas ranch.

Once Greg and Missy reconnected, they soon realized they shared a passion for travel, hunting and outdoors adventures.  Greg introduced Missy to the African safari in March of 2010 while hunting lion and buffalo in the Zambezi valley of Zimbabwe.  She was with him when he took his lion and it was on that safari she took her first African animal, an impala.  Since then she has been on two more African safaris, taking seven more plains game, all one shot kills with several more than 200 hundred yards.  Missy credits Greg with encouraging and supporting her hunting addiction.

The Elliotts are very aware of the importance of the next generation hunters.  Greg supports the Central Louisiana QDMA Youth Hunt annually through youth hunt donations.  They enjoy showing their trophy animals and sharing hunting stories with everyone, but especially young potential hunters.

Greg and Missy introduced their teenage niece, Madison, to safari in 2012 while on a trip to South Africa.  Madison took four animals and left Africa with amazing photos, incredible memories and a soaring confidence in her hunting skills.  The Elliotts have another family hunt planned for July.  They will travel to Argentina and introduce dove hunting to Kyle and their nephew, Tate, and Missy’s brother, Jerry.

The Elliotts have a home in the country, seven miles outside of their hometown in Louisiana.  They enjoy the country life, hunting and fishing on 4,000 acres of property including a 500-acre whitetail preserve.  Beginning in 2011, they hosted an annual deer hunt for four wounded veterans on the preserve, and plan to continue and expand that tradition.  On the property they share memories of numerous relatives and friends taking their first deer.  The Elliotts realize how very fortunate they are to enjoy hunting and an outdoor way of life.

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