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Dream Hunt of a Lifetime

Laurentian Wildlife Estate in Quebec and Brodey Pemberton had not been in the position to get a shot on camera for Expedition Safari camera

crew. The hunt, courtesy of Charles Bish and Mike McGinnis was something Brodey had been keenly looking forward to.

Brodey, who hails from Tennessee, was one of two youths selected by the SCI Pathfinder Committee to hunt at the Laruentian Estate two hours north of Montreal. Jax Doward from Alberta, Canada was the second.

At age 13, Brodey had been diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma, a rare bone cancer. We can only imagine the horror a 13 year old must have experienced, knowing his cancer would require 26 week long sessions of chemo in the hospital lasting a full year. He would stay at the hospital a week and then go home for a week. This lasted for a year. Then it was discovered that the massive doses of chemo had damaged his heart. To make matters worse, Brodey's mother Tabatha was diagnosed with breast cancer two months after Brodey’s diagnosis. Things did work out for Brodey in the end, and he was able to harvest a massive red stag in the last 30 minutes of his hunt. This was the end of his hunt, but it was not the end of his hunting dreams. His outlook remains positive and Brodey hopes to enroll in college and become a wildlife biologist.

Jax Dorward, the second youth, traveled from Alberta to Laurentian Estate for his dream hunt. Jax suffers from spastic paraplegia, which keeps him wheel chair bound full time. Jax is also awaiting a kidney transplant slated for mid November and had just undergone surgery to clean the infection out his feeding tube two days prior to the hunt. Despite the difficulties leading up to his hunt, Jax was able to anchor his tremendous red stag at 57 yards with a crossbow.

The Pathfinder Committee, along with SCIF, would like to offer its sincere thanks to Mike Rogers for filming, Charles Bish owner of Laurentian and Mike McGinnis who was the hunt donor. Because of the assistance of these three gentlemen, these two young men will always have this Dream Hunt of a Lifetime etched in their hearts and minds!– Bill & Vicki Swan Co-Chairmen Pathfinder Committee

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