Colorado Parks And Wildlife Train Dog Named Sci (for SCI) To Ferret Out Poachers

As a member of Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s K9 pilot program, Sci – named after Safari Club International – joins Cash and Samson to locate animals, evidence, suspects and protect officers, according to a report. The canines also scare off bears and “even find endangered species.”

Sci, a Dutch shepherd, specializes in sniffing out poachers. Named after SCI, which donated the funds to buy and train him, Sci “is an expert at sniffing out game in places it shouldn’t be – allowing him to find illegal poachers in far less time than it would take a wildlife officer to sniff out a vehicle, “ said the report.




Sci is joined by Black lab, Cash whose specialty is finding the boreal toad and black-footed ferret and by Samson, a Belgian Malinois. Samson deters bears from getting near humans by making the animals associate it with “having a rough time.”



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