Animal Rights Activists Cross The Line – Again

In an offensive and cowardly move, animal rights protesters left abusive posters in front of a South Gloucestershire butcher shop the evening prior to a planned animal rights protest in nearby Bristol, according to an article in

animal rights protest sign

Photo Credit: Metro News

The anonymously left posters told Nick Rapps, a local butcher, to “rot in hell” and wished “cancer on you and your family.”

Taking the high road, Rapps has vowed to continue running his business despite the middle-of-the-night attack.

“I’ve got quite thick skin, I can take criticism…I take the approach of I can’t get upset, because that is exactly what they want,” Rapps told

“What did turn my stomach a bit was the cancer sign. I’ve got quite a young family, so that was a bit much. Two members of my family also died quite young from cancer. It’s [the posters] really offensive to cancer survivors. The thought process just isn’t there. They’ve obviously just written the most offensive thing they could, just to get a reaction,” Rapps added.


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